The Andhra Caterers Association

For motivated caterers, Andhra Caterers Association is a resource that provides Education, encourages peer to peer Relationships and Inspires creativity while embracing all segments of the catering industry.

About ACA

The Andhra Caterers Association (ACA) is the first national organization for caterers, event planners and event professionals that provides education, certification and a network of resources for members in all segments of the hospitality industry.

Point of View

In a world where margins are slimmer and expectations are greater than ever before, catering and event professionals must keep current on trends, produce creative ideas and continually build upon their network of innovate professionals to be successful and competitive. The Andhra Caterers Association (ACA) paves a clear career path for catering and event professionals that directly affect the way they do business and set them apart as a professional in the hospitality industry.

The Andhra Caterers Association Executives, is the largest community of association executives in Andhra Pradesh, and has members in many other Districts. It is the largest association community outside Andhra Pradesh.

Members are from professional, learned, business and consumer-facing, associations, societies, federations, councils, chambers, and other membership organizations in all sectors of Hospitality.

This network, and membership is a service provided by SASI Group Tenali


To support association executives in the management and development of their organizations and the services, and support they provide their members.

Our specific objectives are to:

  • Create a conducive environment for members in which the exchange of ideas and best practice will flourish
  • Actively development and spread best practice
  • Support members to sustain their organizations and to develop their business/products, services, and member value
  • Promote good commercial approaches to the management of associations
  • Continuously invest associations with knowledge

We invite association executives to:

  • Belong
  • Connect
  • Do and Meet
  • Be recognized
  • Learn and Thrive
  • Get real value

ACAs Timeless Core Ideology

Core Ideology describes an organizations consistent identity that transcends all changes related to its relevant environment. Core ideology consists of two elements: Core Purpose, the organizations reason for being, and Core Values, essential and enduring principles that guide the behavior of an organization.

Core Purpose:

To advance the catering and events industry and its professionals

Core Organizational Values:

  • Professional
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Supportive
  • Community
  • Socially responsible

ACA cultivates personal and professional growth through leadership development, relevant education, and collaboration.

ACA provides a welcoming and supportive environment for all stakeholders in the global catering and events community.

ACA professionals embody trustworthiness, high integrity, and respect for others.

ACA members are stewards of the catering and events industry, the environment and communities that rely on our industry for support.